What’s new in HP’s corporate lines.

Hewlett Packard’s corporate lines have long proved to be some of the best corporate notebooks on the market. Where they deliver over every other manufacturer is in their value for money without compromise.No one comes close.

The newest units they have released in their business lines have not disappointed.

TheProbook 450 G1. ‘Powerful Business All-rounder’- 15.6″ (follow link for image)

This new unit has well and truly superseded our favorite best selling Probook 4540s.  A thinner, more powerful, more robust, better looking unit and the continuation of the attractive price tag.

The perfect option for small to medium businesses – It features one of the latest i7 4th generation Haswell quad core processors and all the business features expected- Windows 7 professional 1 year onsite warranty, 8GB of ram, spill proof keyboard and 2GB Radeon dedicated graphics to aid with business media applications such as Photoshop and light CAD work.

If your business requires a powerful, everyday corporate grade unit- look no further.

If the 15.6″ 450 G1 is too large for your requirements HP have neatly updated the 13.3″ version.

The Probook 430 G1. – ‘13.3″ HP Lightweight Powerhouse’ (follow link for image)

Weighing in at just 1.5kg and featuring very similar specifications to the 450 G1, its hard to look by.

8GB of ram, 4th generation Haswell i5 processor and a robust corporate chassis costing only a touch over a grand.

The only drawback is that it lacks the Solid state drive we’ve come to expect in lightweight corporate units. This can be swapped out down the track when the price of solid state is more reasonable. Solid state drives tend to give notebook manufacturers a license to double the price-tag. In reality this is easily swapped out to a 512, 256 or 128GB SSD.

If you want no compromise on durability, power and features then keep reading:

HP’s new Elitebook  (for those unfamiliar the Elitebook is HP’s corporate flagship line)

HP Elitebook 840 G1– ‘The Rolls Royce Notebook’ (follow link for image)

This unit features everything you’d expect for the top of the top. Weighing just 1.6kg. – A direct competitor to Lenovo’s new X1 carbon. Not far away now as we’ve been provided with the official specifications. Call for details. However the specifications and price are similar so it will be a brand preference decision for those in the market.

The HP features:

I7 4th generation Haswell processor and chipset

Beautiful HD+ 14″ Screen

3G Mobile Broadband inbuilt – no more dongles – just insert a simcard for connectivity.

8GB of ram as standard – expandable to 16GB very easily

Dedicated business Graphics card for medium level graphical work.

To top it off- this Elitebook features HP’s famous next business day warranty as standard. And 3 years of it too. Perfect for when you cannot afford to compromise the productivity of your business.

For more information on any of these units please see the links above, or alternatively call or come down to the store and chat with our specialists directly. We’d be happy to explain the units in more detail and answer any of your questions.

I expect we will have some of these units on display by early next week.