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Buying a laptop for school or university?

Educational institutions computer facilities are great for students to complete course requirements. However in most cases a laptop is more suitable to enhance the learning experience. Laptops are personal and transportable. This means that you can use them inside and outside a learning environment.

There are many options available depending on your needs and budget.

This guide is a general indication of what you might look for. Some schools require students to have a specific computer that fulfills requirements for their studies; if you are in doubt, contact your teacher or school.

So What is the minimum my Computer needs to have?

  • wireless option – actually these are so universal now that it’s impossible to find one without it
  • productivity software such as MS office, open office, android or apple equivalent to write documents, do spreadsheets or access mail
  • You should purchase an anti-virus suite (we recommend Trend Micro as it does not chew up too much of your bandwidth – it is inexpensive and effective.
  • At least 12 months warranty – next business day is preferred – know one likes waiting 3-6 weeks to get their computer back

Laptops aren’t as upgradeable as Desktops – but the two things that can be upgraded is MEMORY (Ram) and HARD DISK.  The processor (or engine) and the screen are typically NOT upgradeable – therefore please spend as much as you can on the best screen and processor you can. At the expense of memory or hard disk.

Desktops are interchangeable and upgradable – so look for bundles where you get a good processor, graphics card, screen and Keyboard/mouse combo.

What accessories should I buy?

Laptop accessories can make your life easier. Here are some of Student IT’s suggestions:

an external hard drive for backing up your work regularly

  • a USB drive to transport documents / Cloud access where you can store precious data/homework/pictures away from your laptop in case of damage or theft.
  • a bag to carry your laptop, stationary and books
  • a headset or pair of headphones
  • backup software – try BigfootBackup free  – hard disks are so large these days, no excuse not to back up properly!


  • a Bluetooth wireless mouse and keyboard (requires Bluetooth compatibility)
  • a spare power supply (one for home and one in your bag; there are power outlets everywhere these days to charge your computer)

Where should I buy my laptop?

You have the option of buying laptops online or in our store in Abbotsford or Brunswick.

Avoid websites that offer significantly cheaper prices, at least if you do go there they might appear cheaper but look for reviews on the web regarding these retailers – avoid horror stories.

At NotebooksRUs, we can also offer advice as to which laptop suits you best, you get to feel/see/touch various desktops and laptops and you can decide which one is better for your needs.

OR, you can get a great quality pre-loved (but refurbished to new) machine.  Check out our Notebooksrus-DFO site for refurbished units that once cost thousands, commercial grade units.

How about a 2nd generation I5 T420 for under $450 ? or HP 8 series Elitebook or Dell E6410 series I5’s at refurbished prices.

Notebooksrus DFO site
suite 2  / 200 Sydney Road
Brunswick, 3056
Ph: 03 9417 1300
Email: sales@notebooksrus.comau

If you are interested in purchasing laptops or other computer equipment for your studies, Dell, HP and Lenovo or many others, Notebooksrus provide student discounts for students.

If you are looking for advice, on a budget or are looking for a specific laptop to suit your educational needs, then please call (03) 9417 1300 or visit the store in Brunswick or Abbotsford and speak to our staff who have years of experience in dealing with students or professional/research students.

Again, call for educational specials / advice.

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