One of the biggest IT challenges most organisations face is the management of hundreds and possibly thousands of client devices. The resources required to deploy, support, manage, and maintain an efficient client infrastructure with a modern desktop environment is substantial. Desktop device configurations must be robust, flexible and remain agile across mobile devices, desktop computers, laptops, thin clients and now virtual desktops.

Large scale desktop deployments also represent one of the most challenging projects an organisation can undertake and success can lead to higher usage and productivity as well as a lower cost infrastructure and improved ROI on your hardware and software investment. Notebooksrus has extensive expertise in the design and deployment of desktop solutions that range from large scale desktop upgrades though to complex server based computing and virtualisation solutions. By utilising a combination of our deployment services with the latest desktop technologies, our customers will benefit from reduced deployment risk and more efficiency within their desktop environment.

Notebooksrus offers a number of services that introduce the most advanced technologies, techniques, and tools, all tailored to your unique needs helping you achieve the most cost-effective desktop solution.

Desktop Deployment Planning Services

To enable your desktop migrations and deployments to run smoothly and successfully, Notebooksrus offers bespoke Microsoft Desktop Deployment Planning Services to help lower the risk and cost of planning a deployment by using current best practices. Your organisation will benefit from working with certified consultants who have the expertise to develop a comprehensive deployment plan that represents a more secure and well managed desktop environment.


  • Provisioning
  • Application Compatibility Testing and remediation
  • Infrastructure Compatibility
  • Corporate SOE imaging
  • Deployment of units to site
  • Application Packaging
  • User Migration
Managed Desktop Solutions

Five years ago it was easy. We only had limited options within the desktop environment: traditional push installs (the old way) and server based computing. Today, the new options seem endless with technologies such as; application streaming, isolation, virtualisation, server based computing and even OS streaming all being offered as mainstream solutions. Notebooksrus offers a comprehensive range of desktop solutions and services based on the latest technologies from leading vendors. Combined, these can provide an end to end solution to the managed desktop challenge. Notebooksrusdesktop solutions and services include:

  • Desktop OS Deployment
  • Microsoft Office Upgrades
  • Managed Desktop Solutions
  • Software & Application Delivery
Desktop Lifecycle Management

From procurement to deployment and eventually disposal, Notebooksrus offers an end to end desktop lifecycle management solution that will ensure you maximise the benefits from your investment and ensure the environment is managed effectively. Notebooksrus’s complementary services can span the whole desktop lifecycle or individual components of your choice including; custom builds and configuration, deployment services, desktop automation, asset management and disposal services.