Need a Quote as part of your procurement process?  NotebooksRus are happy to provide Competitive and Responsive Pricing for Enterprise, Business and Home quotes

Here at Notebooks R Us we specialise in small to medium business IT supply. We are more than happy to quote on single unit purchases as well.

Solutions we’ve delivered to customers include:

  •      Networking
  •      Server upgrades and Refreshes
  •      Cloud Solutions
  •      Backup (onsite and offsite) Solutions
  •      Disaster Recover
  •      Unified Communication
  •      Virtualisation and Consolidation

At Notebooks R Us Solutions we specialise in supplying Hardware and Services saving Cost and Time – Our attitude is “do it right and do it well”.   We still believe you don’t need to replace your total environment if you want better performance!  But if you do we can help there too!So, as so many of our customers do,  if you are in the middle of working through an IT challenge of any kind or need to get someone else to look at your proposal – use us as your 3rd IT Quote!!


OR use the online portal (you can also chat online to one of our staff – or use the phone)
Phone or Fax:  03 8590 5784

Three steps:

  1.      Give us your details
  2.      Describe or upload your need, challenge, specifications or requirements
  3.      Tell us what price you need to beat

The outcome:

We’ll either verify (as a second set of eyes) that your supplier is giving you a great deal OR offer a better deal.

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