How to Recovery your Office keys

Moving from one machine to another and cannot find the Microsoft Office keys for your precious software..

well don’t despair, there are ways you can recover keys directly from your system.

But first – a little homework – please please please email yourself your keys when you get the machine. We see nothing worse at Notebooksrus when a customer has a busted hard disk (or worse – lost their machine) and get’s us to upgrade and reformat a new hard disk or buys a new laptop – then has to pay all over again for all that software that you’ve already got.

Again, even after you go through this process below – please EMAIL yourself a copy of the keys so you’ll have them in the future.

There are a couple of ways to extract the keys from a working system

Method 1: Boot disk – Hiren’s boot disks are pretty good  and have dozens of tools you can use to remedy most problems (not just recover keys). Please note there are MANY POWERFUL tools on this disk which could destroy your disk completely so please take care when using it !!!! you have been warned!!  But if you are careful and never hit OK without completely understanding what the impact are then CANCEL and exit.  then call us 03 9417 1300 and we’re always there to help.

Insert and boot from hirens CD, it will pop up with a menu , go to recovery and click on key recovery. The little program will self extract, click on recover keys and it will display onscreen.

Why not look at a maintenance contract with NotebooksrUS – laptops, desktops, servers, anything and everything related to IT – we support it all – for more information, call us or visit the store in Abbotsford.