Lenovo L440 and T540 Series Review

Lenovo’s New L series and T Series Review
Now on display at the Abbotsford superstore!

In the previous Lenovo newsletter we discussed the New E series. Lenovo’s budget small and medium business laptop. If you missed it, you can find it here:

Lenovo’s New E series and New X1 Carbon details

In this article we will introduce Lenovo’s more premium range of business laptops for 2014. The L and the T series.

The L series is one rung up the ladder from the E series. Pitched against one another the L series features the following additions:
• A more robust chassis and a hardier look and feel.
• A higher screen resolution (1600 x 900)
• Longer battery life
• 3G compatible
• 7200rpm business grade hard drive increases speed, performance and reliability.
If a high resolution screen, more connectivity and a longer battery life is important then this is the unit to have a look at.

Pictures and pricing available here
The T series is Lenovo’s premiere flagship high performance unit. It is also available in 14″ and 15″ screen sizes.

Used most often in the engineering, medical and architectural industries where precision is key. The T series have built up a bullet proof reputation. It comes in more than 10 different configurations.

These units come into play when there can be no compromise on performance and reliability.
• Full High Definition screens (T540p- features up to 2880 x 1620)
• Up to 512GB Solid state drive
• Starting at 1.6kg
• Dedicated graphics
• 3 year warranty as standard
Pictures and specifications available in links below.

The two high end models in the T series:
• The slim 14″ ultra book version to cater for the corporate traveler with the inclusion of a solid state drive plus touch and non touch models. (T440S)
• The 15″ standard version is – a little bit heavier but is justly compensated with more durability and performance under the hood. (T540P) (On display at Abbotsford store)
These units are also available in configurations from $1989

The L and T series are on display at Notebooks R Us in Abbotsford. Please come down or call one of our specialists for more information.

We also have a constant turn over of high quality Lenovo T series refurbished units for under $450.

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