HP’s new 4540s series probook comes to Notebooksrus

Hi all,

Check out the new 15.6″ and 17″ HP 4540s Probooks, new form factors, 3rd generation Intel I3-I5-I7 processors

For the month of August, NotebooksRUs are putting these units out at a special discount – so check the HP product part of our site and the pricing for more details.

Styling: On 1st glance, these machines are pretty – the sleek silver styling, new hinges and design make them very pleasing to look at. So if you are looking for a desktop replacement unit (i’ve replaced my desktop and this unit sits on my kitchen table now AND attracts a lot of comments) then you really cannot go past the 15.6″ or the 17″ unit.

Performance: My old server runs a Four Linux web and mail servers and two hosted Win2008 R2 servers on top of Vmware server using a 1st generation Q6600 processor – one of the dirst quadcores around – well i recently did benchmarking and i am astonished that the ‘basic’ I3 chipset version beats that hands down – let alone the I5 or I7’s.  These are one of the few units left that use the QM (or full quad core) versions of the I7’s.

The 2Gig graphics card is also outstanding

Size/weight – all good – under 3kg with battery is great for the 15.6″  and a tad over 3kg for the 17″ – it is a 15.6″ and 17″ unit after all – commercial grade and meant to  withstand some punishment.

Other cool things: plenty of USB and I/O ports –

Rating 4.5 out of 5 – my favourite machine in fact – one of the stores highest sellers.

Regards, The team at NotebooksRUs and Melbournes Best IT Services team at Applied-IT