Lenovo Online Shop – What are Differences ?

Notebooksrus or Lenovo Online Shop – what are differences ?

Lots of customers call continually and ask what the Difference is with Lenovo online store/shop and Notebooks R Us as a Premium Business partner?

Main differences:
1> You get you new purchase same day or next business day – Lenovo Online Shop  is 7 days minimum and (in some cases) weeks.
2> The online store gives a base model (and very cheap pricing) then once configured up to normal specs, is ALWAYS more then our pricing
3> the Lenovo online shop is geared to home users – you will see models with Windows 8 Standard and 1 year warranty – please see below for why this is important!

4> Models online are only 1 year warranty as standard, you need to configure it to 3 years. All “off the shelf” models in Australia from X1 Carbon to T-Series are all 3 year warranty as standard. So configure it to 3 years and it automatically adds something like $250 to the price.

5> All out models come with Win 8 pro so you get the downgrade rights for a windoes 7 pro license. Windows 8 Standard DOES NOT have downgrade rights to windows 7 – so two things are automatically a problem, firstly you need to buy a windows 7 license ($140-$290) depending on version home/pro. Then you need to do the downgrade which we do for free. This process can take quite a long time and can result in an unworking system.

6> We give you the media for Win7 and win8 – you need to buy the media separately with Lenovo Online Shop

7> And most important – we give lifetime support for our customers for all units – HP, Lenovo, Toshiba etc, seeing as we sell so many of these units, we know everything about them – which one is right for you – what are the upgrade options – what others say etc. So you should feel very confident that you are walking away with the perfect unit to meet your needs.

8> also – we have them on display.

So Lenovo Online Shop might quote (this is from their website):

X1 Carbon, I7, Touch, 4G LTE, 8G Ram, 256GB Solid State, WQHD (2560 x 1440)
Add 3 years warranty
Add win 8 pro

Total : $ 2942. off Lenovo shop online site and get it in 3 weeks, and downgrade it yourself…….

Our price: same unit : $2549 inc Gst…. saving $393 and getting it next day.

Just ask for a quote and see for yourself. We can almost always beat the Lenovo Shop Online.

Regs, Dave

Other Lenovo X1 Carbon 2 products

20A7A04PAU – i7-4600U, Touch, 512GB SSD, 8GB, 14″WQHD, 4G LTE

20A7006KAU – i7-4600U, Touch, 256GB SSD, 8GB, 14″WQHD, 4G LTE

20A7A036AU– i7-4600U, NON Touch, 256GB SSD, 8GB, 14″WQHD, 4G LTE

20A7A04QAU – i7-4600U, NON Touch, 180GB SSD, 8GB, 14″WQHD, 4G LTE

20A7006JAU– i5-4300U, Touch, 180GB SSD, 8GB, 14″WQHD, 4G LTE

4X10E52937 – Onelink Pro Dock – Display port + DVI

4X10A06079 – Onelink Basic dock – HDMI


If you are interested in Lenovo accessories, please visit the lenovo x1 carbon quickpick site.

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