Windows XP and office 2003 END OF LIFE in April 2014

Hi All,

if there’s ever been a time to upgrade to a new machine then this is it!

Microsoft have decided to end Windows XP and Office 2003 support in April this year.

What are the impacts?
– No more support
– No more security updates or patches
– no applications support – that is software companies will stop making versions of their software for XP…..want that new itunes app? sorry…. need a better browser…sorry…

the reality is that not much will happen right away but looking in the back of the shop where we do repairs and antivirus cleans (a booming business for us) then we expect that, over time, things will get critical.

what can you do If you have a single machine: Well it is probably quite old now anyway BUT if it is a family heirloom, then we can upgrade it to windows 7 or Windows 8.1 very cheaply, at the same time you’ll need to upgrade RAM and possibly hard disk – a little complex but we do it every day so we can do it quite efficiently. The preferred alternative is just to put that repair money into a new machine that will last you another 5 years.

what can you do If you have a many machines: this is trickier as it will be quite expensive to refresh your entire environment – but we can talk about it and work out a plan moving forward. One alternative is to look at our FLEXIRENT facility to amortise or finance the change over time – turn capex into opex.

Look, no doubt you’ve seen your machine slowing down and needs a clean anyway – bring it to our abbotsford store on friday for a FREE healthcheck and we’ll do our best to get you working again.

As for Office 2003 – well it’s not that critcal to update but we also resell Office 365 !!! an easy way to get all the advantages of the latest and greatest office software WITH cloud backup!

he team at Notebooksrus
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