Lenovo Thinkpad, Linux, Ubuntu, Debian – T440, X1 Carbon

Hi Team,

we’ve had an interesting October so far with lots of customers buying Lenovo thinkpad T440p, X1 Carbons – however, wanting Ubuntu installed and running on the Lenovo units.

In all Lenovo cases, Ubuntu installed effortlessly and was up and running with no driver injections.

Outside of some small issues with ACPI in the command line when booting (particularly for T440p) – no issues on install at all.

Of particular interest is how to load the Windows 8 or Windows 7 into a virtualbox guest so you can still access  the original Win 8 license.  Best way we’ve found is to

1> take a backup of the unit – bare metal preferred – using Acronis or Ghost or

2> Load Linux and install the desired version of linux,

3> Install Vmware player or Virtualbox  (search for install vmware player or Virtualbox on Ubuntu – lots of very good sites which i wont duplicate here

4> setup the guest, nothing special there – you mighty have to tweak it/install supporting packages for 64 bit versions, but search for that too.

5> boot into acronis or whatever you used for backup

6> restore and thats it…


Lenovo Ubuntu Certification