Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 2 pro and 12.5 inch Review

Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga Review – Tablet Hybrid

The Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga has bridged the gap successfully between a tablet and a notebook.




One of the biggest problems Notebooks R Us has seen with tablet and notebook hybrids is the focus on manufacturers to produce a product that successfully fulfills the functionality of a tablet but falls short on performance as a laptop. Quite often the hybrids will operate very well as a tablet but as a notebook they lack the power required to operate as a standalone device. This leads the user to buy a separate device for more heavy duty use. And thus it entirely defeats the purpose of a dual use/hybrid device.

Lenovo has overcome this dilemma with the ThinkPad Yoga. Very much a business executive’s device.

The unit features high-end notebook specifications such as – Intel i7, 8GB of Ram, 256GB Solid state drive, a 12.5″ IPS screen and more. These specifications are usually reserved for the highest end ThinkPads. But on top of this you also get the features you would expect in a high end tablet – touch screen, long battery life (8 hours+) and digitized stylus (pressure sensitive).

A close competing unit is the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. The Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga however is significantly hardier and features a larger screen. The surface feels flimsy by comparison. It is also cheaper for the specifications you get.

Lenovo’s proven reliability and build quality has not been sacrificed with this new model. Home users, however, may be better off opting for a more affordable option as we noticed the build quality of the ThinkPad Yoga to go above and beyond the general home requirements. Features such as stainless steel hinges, carbon fiber chassis are best utilized by road warrior customers.

When you flip the unit into tablet mode, the plastic keyboard protector pops out to stop the keys from being pressed – that is, when you are in tablet mode, the keyboard is not functional UNLIKE many of it’s competitors whose keyboards still work when you put the unit down or on your lap.

Business users that require the features of tablet with the performance of a laptop and the legendary ThinkPad design should book an appointment and trial our display unit.

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Suited best for the following niche customer’s:

Sales Managers, Architects and Project Managers