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Need A New Laptop For Work Or School? Tax Time Is A Great Time.

A new business laptop might make for a sensible end-of-financial-year investment as the taxman fast-tracks depreciation on expensive business assets.

You’ll find plenty of cheap consumer-focused laptops on the shelves, but business shoppers should be a little more discerning when it comes to investing in a portable productivity tool

Best deals on Lenovo,HP and Dell units . Contact us today to reserve one 


NotebooksRus offers Dell Laptops, Ultrabooks™, Tablets PCs, Desktops, Monitors and more.


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Retail price –  $3450.00       Special Price  $3150.00

X1 Carbon G4, I7-6500U, 14″ WQHD IPS , 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 4G LTE, W10P, 3YR DEPOT
Retail price –  $2750.00       Special Price  $2550.00

Thinkpad T460s, I7-6600U, 14″ FHD IPS , 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 4G LTE, W7P, 3YR DEPOT
Retail price –  $2874.00       Special Price  $2695.00


NotebooksRus offers HP Laptops, Ultrabooks™, Tablets PCs, Desktops, Monitors and more.



Retail price –  $3015.00       Special Price  $2620.00

X1 Carbon G4, I5-6300U, 14″ WQHD IPS , 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 4G LTE, W10P, 3YR DEPOT
Retail price –  $2499.00       Special Price  $2399.00

X1 Carbon G4, I7-6600U, 14″ FHD IPS , 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, 4G LTE, W10P, 3YR DEPOT
Retail price –  $2875.00       Special Price  $2750.00

Get a free docking station or 3 year onsite warranty on selected units.

notebooksRus offering free antivirus and free backup solution software for all purchases till end of this month

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Lenovo ThinkPad 8

Think Pad 8

The ThinkPad 8 is designed for the Business User. It’s sleek and compact design makes it tailored to the user who needs to be able to have the ability to bring their work where ever they go. The Lenovo ThinkPad 8 Tablet has the highest resolution screen and is the best performing 8-inch Windows 8 Tablet of its size. It has a USB 3.0, mini HDMI port and 8 hour battery life, making it a worthy machine to use for video conference calls, on its own or the ability to hook up to a bigger screen. With wireless Bluetooth connectivity you can connect a Bluetooth keypad and mouse to make it a fully functioning laptop.


Key Features:

  • Extremely mobile unit weighing only 430g and lasts eight hours on a single charge
  • Full HD Display with 10-finger Multi Touch screen.
  • Loads of internal storage, 64GB of Storage SSD
  • Uses the windows 8.1 pro operating system.

thinkpad 8


-Uses Windows 8.1 operating system which is perfect for the Business User as the tablet can be used as both a tablet and computer.

-Highest quality resolution screen out of any tablet this size.

– Very light weight and sleek with the functionality of a Laptop and PC.
Perfect for the Business user.


-Can connect external keyboard and mouse, however only via the wireless blue tooth connection.

– No additional separate mini-USB port

Lenovo X1 Carbon 2 Review

The Lenovo X1 Carbon

The Lenovo X1 Carbon 2 has been the most successful and well designed notebook that we have ever seen.

Lenovo has built a corporate workhorse built for speed and travel. Due to the attractive additional features it is widely usable across a broad range of industries. Currently on Display and for trial at our Business Centre Melbourne.

The basics of the unit cover most bases for a high-end corporate user.

Our most popular model is the 20A7006KAU. It has been the most popular model as its features all the aspects the X1 has become most known

Key features

The X1 features a beautiful resolution screen 14″ (2560 x 1440) equal with the MacBook retina display. It’s bright, touch responsive and durable. Unlike the MacBook the Carbon has a touch feature built in. We were first very skeptical of touch screen’s but the panel on the X1 is the most responsive we’ve seen. It adds a new level of interaction and fidelity. There isn’t much of a cost difference between the Touch and non-touch model. 14″ is a sweet spot for many traveling users. Lightweight but still a large enough screen for long work sessions.

Low voltage Haswell processors (i5 or i7) across all models of the X1 Carbon mean that battery life has been independently tested at 8 hours under full load (Source: Engadget) without compromising performance and keeping heat to a minimum.

Carbon fiber chassis and ultra thin design mean it weighs only 1.28kg and has a military tested durability to overcome the rough and tumble of constant traveling.

Connectivity is fantastic on the unit with the inclusion of 4G. Dongles are no longer required for roaming.

All of our models come with a 3 year warranty as standard.


  • Durable
  • Thin and light for a 14-inch Ultrabook
  • Bright, high-res screen
  • Adaptive keyboard panel can be useful – you actually get the function keys back rather then sharing with the numerics.
  • 4G


  • No SD slot
  • Few ports, however this is due to thinness of unit
  • Backspace key is shrunken and in a different place
  • No inexpensive option – home users may not be able to fully utilize all features

(Source: Engadget)

Notebooks R Us has found this unit to be the best option for business users who are required to travel and cannot afford reliability issues and can fully utilize all the features.

Notebooks R Us offers a Lenovo shop/store front in Melbourne – 253 Victoria Street Abbotsford. We are the only Lenovo Partner in Melbourne with a storefront.


Other Lenovo X1 Carbon 2 products

20A7A04PAU – i7-4600U, Touch, 512GB SSD, 8GB, 14″WQHD, 4G LTE

20A7006KAU – i7-4600U, Touch, 256GB SSD, 8GB, 14″WQHD, 4G LTE

20A7A036AU– i7-4600U, NON Touch, 256GB SSD, 8GB, 14″WQHD, 4G LTE

20A7A04QAU – i7-4600U, NON Touch, 180GB SSD, 8GB, 14″WQHD, 4G LTE

20A7006JAU– i5-4300U, Touch, 180GB SSD, 8GB, 14″WQHD, 4G LTE

4X10E52937 – Onelink Pro Dock – Display port + DVI

4X10A06079 – Onelink Basic dock – HDMI


Lenovo Thinkpad T440

Lenovo ThinkPad T440 Range

Lenovo Thinkpad T440 ImagesLenovo Thinkpad T440p back


The T440 series, arguably the best selling laptop/notebook in the 14″ range comes in a variety of sizes.

The T440 comes in 3 sizes/product lines – from the top down they have/share almost identical footprints. The variance lies in the height of the unit and the performance.

T440S  – Slimline model around – 12GB ram max, I7-4600U version of processor (dual Core) – 1.7kg, less than 2cm high

T440 – Standard size –  12GB ram max, I7-4600U version of processor (dual Core), Integrated graphics – 2.1 cm high, approx 2kg

T440p – Performance series – The heaviest of the T series range – better airflow and larger heat sinks means Quad core processors and Dedicated graphics cards. Unlike the other T series – memory is expandable to 16GB  (2x 8gb), Standard 2.5″ hard disk (up to 9mm) which makes it a dream to change to SSD if you need that. 2.5cm high, 2.1kg

This is our highest selling Thinkpad. Ideal for virtualization, software development, engineering, scientific and environments requiring a lot of processing power, It also has a DVD-RW which can be removed and a caddy inserted with another hard disk for extra storage. This unit also exists in a 15.6″ version – the T540P.

Most of the models feature Full HD (1920×1080), Matt screens which are very viewable when working outside. Backlit keyboards mean easy visibility on planes etc.

All have full size Ethernet, VGA (for projectors) and at least 3-4 USB ports. which is really useful if you are on the road, need to plug into a customer  projector (or in an office somewhere) and are unsure if the projector needs HDMI etc… the most universal projector interface is still VGA.

A few people have complained about the touchpad (which has no buttons and is common accross the whole range), but after a few minutes of  playing around, it works and apparently popular as most other manufactures (HP and Toshiba) are looking at the same no buttons touchpads that Apple users are used to. Myself, i like buttons but it is what it is.

Typically, most of our customers buy them in standard configurations but almost always upgrade to 256GB or 512GB SSD drives which really make these units FLY!

Click for all the Lenovo Thinkpad T440 models,




Lenovo Thinkpad T440p all angle3s

T440p all angles shot


Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 2 pro and 12.5 inch Review

Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga Review – Tablet Hybrid

The Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga has bridged the gap successfully between a tablet and a notebook.




One of the biggest problems Notebooks R Us has seen with tablet and notebook hybrids is the focus on manufacturers to produce a product that successfully fulfills the functionality of a tablet but falls short on performance as a laptop. Quite often the hybrids will operate very well as a tablet but as a notebook they lack the power required to operate as a standalone device. This leads the user to buy a separate device for more heavy duty use. And thus it entirely defeats the purpose of a dual use/hybrid device.

Lenovo has overcome this dilemma with the ThinkPad Yoga. Very much a business executive’s device.

The unit features high-end notebook specifications such as – Intel i7, 8GB of Ram, 256GB Solid state drive, a 12.5″ IPS screen and more. These specifications are usually reserved for the highest end ThinkPads. But on top of this you also get the features you would expect in a high end tablet – touch screen, long battery life (8 hours+) and digitized stylus (pressure sensitive).

A close competing unit is the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. The Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga however is significantly hardier and features a larger screen. The surface feels flimsy by comparison. It is also cheaper for the specifications you get.

Lenovo’s proven reliability and build quality has not been sacrificed with this new model. Home users, however, may be better off opting for a more affordable option as we noticed the build quality of the ThinkPad Yoga to go above and beyond the general home requirements. Features such as stainless steel hinges, carbon fiber chassis are best utilized by road warrior customers.

When you flip the unit into tablet mode, the plastic keyboard protector pops out to stop the keys from being pressed – that is, when you are in tablet mode, the keyboard is not functional UNLIKE many of it’s competitors whose keyboards still work when you put the unit down or on your lap.

Business users that require the features of tablet with the performance of a laptop and the legendary ThinkPad design should book an appointment and trial our display unit.

See our best selling model here or come into the Melbourne Show Room to try or buy!

Suited best for the following niche customer’s:

Sales Managers, Architects and Project Managers

Microsoft Office 365 Comparison guide

Notebooksrus presents Microsoft Office 365 Comparison guide.

In general, most business greater than 25 seats should not be looking at any of these products and should, instead, get a quote from US for an enterprise solution. Office licenses are not transferable so if you buy a small business premium (for example), you cannot switch it over to the enterprise product.

Compare Office 365 Suites

Applications Office 365 University Office Home and Student 2013 Office 365 personal Office 365 Home Premium Office 365 Home and Business 2013 Office Professional 2013 Office 365 small Business Premium
Word, Excel & PPT
One Note
Web Apps On one drive On one drive On one drive On one drive On one drive
SubScription Value
60 Skype world minutes/month
Support Basic Basic Basic Basic
Exchange Online (email)
Lync Online (UC)
SharePoint Online (collaboration)
IT Administration Console Basic
Click on the images Microsoft Office Home Student 2013 32-bit/x64 Eng DM DVD [79G-03767] Office 365 Personal, 32-bit/x64, English, Subscr 1YR APAC DM Medialess,QQ2-00035 6GQ-00024_office_home_premium_2013 Microsoft office home and business 2013 AAA-02768_office_2013_professional_2 Microsoft Office 365, Small Business premium, AAA-04580
Not for use in any commercial, nonprofit, or revenue-generating activites, or by any government organisation.
  1. Application availability and features vary by platform and device. Publisher, Access and OneNote available on PC only.
  2. Skype account required. Excludes special, premium, and non-geographic numbers. Calls to mobile phones are for select countries only. Skype world minutes available in select countries. See FAQ for details.
  3. See for applicable devices. Internet connection required. Internet and mobile telephone usage charges may apply.
  4. Office Home and Student 2013, Office Home and Business 2013, Office Professional 2013.
  5. Mac functionality excludes personal settings.
  6. Windows 7 or Windows 8 OS required, Internet connection required.

Compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, or Windows Server 2012. Does not run on Windows XP or Vista.

Lenovo Online Shop – What are Differences ?

Notebooksrus or Lenovo Online Shop – what are differences ?

Lots of customers call continually and ask what the Difference is with Lenovo online store/shop and Notebooks R Us as a Premium Business partner?

Main differences:
1> You get you new purchase same day or next business day – Lenovo Online Shop  is 7 days minimum and (in some cases) weeks.
2> The online store gives a base model (and very cheap pricing) then once configured up to normal specs, is ALWAYS more then our pricing
3> the Lenovo online shop is geared to home users – you will see models with Windows 8 Standard and 1 year warranty – please see below for why this is important!

4> Models online are only 1 year warranty as standard, you need to configure it to 3 years. All “off the shelf” models in Australia from X1 Carbon to T-Series are all 3 year warranty as standard. So configure it to 3 years and it automatically adds something like $250 to the price.

5> All out models come with Win 8 pro so you get the downgrade rights for a windoes 7 pro license. Windows 8 Standard DOES NOT have downgrade rights to windows 7 – so two things are automatically a problem, firstly you need to buy a windows 7 license ($140-$290) depending on version home/pro. Then you need to do the downgrade which we do for free. This process can take quite a long time and can result in an unworking system.

6> We give you the media for Win7 and win8 – you need to buy the media separately with Lenovo Online Shop

7> And most important – we give lifetime support for our customers for all units – HP, Lenovo, Toshiba etc, seeing as we sell so many of these units, we know everything about them – which one is right for you – what are the upgrade options – what others say etc. So you should feel very confident that you are walking away with the perfect unit to meet your needs.

8> also – we have them on display.

So Lenovo Online Shop might quote (this is from their website):

X1 Carbon, I7, Touch, 4G LTE, 8G Ram, 256GB Solid State, WQHD (2560 x 1440)
Add 3 years warranty
Add win 8 pro

Total : $ 2942. off Lenovo shop online site and get it in 3 weeks, and downgrade it yourself…….

Our price: same unit : $2549 inc Gst…. saving $393 and getting it next day.

Just ask for a quote and see for yourself. We can almost always beat the Lenovo Shop Online.

Regs, Dave

Other Lenovo X1 Carbon 2 products

20A7A04PAU – i7-4600U, Touch, 512GB SSD, 8GB, 14″WQHD, 4G LTE

20A7006KAU – i7-4600U, Touch, 256GB SSD, 8GB, 14″WQHD, 4G LTE

20A7A036AU– i7-4600U, NON Touch, 256GB SSD, 8GB, 14″WQHD, 4G LTE

20A7A04QAU – i7-4600U, NON Touch, 180GB SSD, 8GB, 14″WQHD, 4G LTE

20A7006JAU– i5-4300U, Touch, 180GB SSD, 8GB, 14″WQHD, 4G LTE

4X10E52937 – Onelink Pro Dock – Display port + DVI

4X10A06079 – Onelink Basic dock – HDMI


If you are interested in Lenovo accessories, please visit the lenovo x1 carbon quickpick site.

Alsom check out What the differences are between buying from NotebooksRus and Lenovo online – check here .

Windows XP and office 2003 END OF LIFE in April 2014

Hi All,

if there’s ever been a time to upgrade to a new machine then this is it!

Microsoft have decided to end Windows XP and Office 2003 support in April this year.

What are the impacts?
– No more support
– No more security updates or patches
– no applications support – that is software companies will stop making versions of their software for XP…..want that new itunes app? sorry…. need a better browser…sorry…

the reality is that not much will happen right away but looking in the back of the shop where we do repairs and antivirus cleans (a booming business for us) then we expect that, over time, things will get critical.

what can you do If you have a single machine: Well it is probably quite old now anyway BUT if it is a family heirloom, then we can upgrade it to windows 7 or Windows 8.1 very cheaply, at the same time you’ll need to upgrade RAM and possibly hard disk – a little complex but we do it every day so we can do it quite efficiently. The preferred alternative is just to put that repair money into a new machine that will last you another 5 years.

what can you do If you have a many machines: this is trickier as it will be quite expensive to refresh your entire environment – but we can talk about it and work out a plan moving forward. One alternative is to look at our FLEXIRENT facility to amortise or finance the change over time – turn capex into opex.

Look, no doubt you’ve seen your machine slowing down and needs a clean anyway – bring it to our abbotsford store on friday for a FREE healthcheck and we’ll do our best to get you working again.

As for Office 2003 – well it’s not that critcal to update but we also resell Office 365 !!! an easy way to get all the advantages of the latest and greatest office software WITH cloud backup!

he team at Notebooksrus
(03) 9417 1300

Lenovo L440 and T540 Series Review

Lenovo’s New L series and T Series Review
Now on display at the Abbotsford superstore!

In the previous Lenovo newsletter we discussed the New E series. Lenovo’s budget small and medium business laptop. If you missed it, you can find it here:

Lenovo’s New E series and New X1 Carbon details

In this article we will introduce Lenovo’s more premium range of business laptops for 2014. The L and the T series.

The L series is one rung up the ladder from the E series. Pitched against one another the L series features the following additions:
• A more robust chassis and a hardier look and feel.
• A higher screen resolution (1600 x 900)
• Longer battery life
• 3G compatible
• 7200rpm business grade hard drive increases speed, performance and reliability.
If a high resolution screen, more connectivity and a longer battery life is important then this is the unit to have a look at.

Pictures and pricing available here
The T series is Lenovo’s premiere flagship high performance unit. It is also available in 14″ and 15″ screen sizes.

Used most often in the engineering, medical and architectural industries where precision is key. The T series have built up a bullet proof reputation. It comes in more than 10 different configurations.

These units come into play when there can be no compromise on performance and reliability.
• Full High Definition screens (T540p- features up to 2880 x 1620)
• Up to 512GB Solid state drive
• Starting at 1.6kg
• Dedicated graphics
• 3 year warranty as standard
Pictures and specifications available in links below.

The two high end models in the T series:
• The slim 14″ ultra book version to cater for the corporate traveler with the inclusion of a solid state drive plus touch and non touch models. (T440S)
• The 15″ standard version is – a little bit heavier but is justly compensated with more durability and performance under the hood. (T540P) (On display at Abbotsford store)
These units are also available in configurations from $1989

The L and T series are on display at Notebooks R Us in Abbotsford. Please come down or call one of our specialists for more information.

We also have a constant turn over of high quality Lenovo T series refurbished units for under $450.

Notebooks R Us Solutions is a Certified Lenovo Reseller and Gold Partner

How to Recovery your Office keys

Moving from one machine to another and cannot find the Microsoft Office keys for your precious software..

well don’t despair, there are ways you can recover keys directly from your system.

But first – a little homework – please please please email yourself your keys when you get the machine. We see nothing worse at Notebooksrus when a customer has a busted hard disk (or worse – lost their machine) and get’s us to upgrade and reformat a new hard disk or buys a new laptop – then has to pay all over again for all that software that you’ve already got.

Again, even after you go through this process below – please EMAIL yourself a copy of the keys so you’ll have them in the future.

There are a couple of ways to extract the keys from a working system

Method 1: Boot disk – Hiren’s boot disks are pretty good  and have dozens of tools you can use to remedy most problems (not just recover keys). Please note there are MANY POWERFUL tools on this disk which could destroy your disk completely so please take care when using it !!!! you have been warned!!  But if you are careful and never hit OK without completely understanding what the impact are then CANCEL and exit.  then call us 03 9417 1300 and we’re always there to help.

Insert and boot from hirens CD, it will pop up with a menu , go to recovery and click on key recovery. The little program will self extract, click on recover keys and it will display onscreen.

Why not look at a maintenance contract with NotebooksrUS – laptops, desktops, servers, anything and everything related to IT – we support it all – for more information, call us or visit the store in Abbotsford.


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