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Why pick a Business Laptop or Desktop

Why pick a Business Laptop or Desktop Well hey All, in this article we will discuss our cast experience in helping customers choose a laptop or desktop for their business environment and things you need to consider when purchasing. what sets corporate machines apart from consumer grade: Vendor warranty: aka – how long does the […]

TAX Time Laptop, Notebook, Desktop Computer, Server Sales 2016

    Tax time specials @ notebooksRus View this email in your browser Need A New Laptop For Work Or School? Tax Time Is A Great Time. A new business laptop might make for a sensible end-of-financial-year investment as the taxman fast-tracks depreciation on expensive business assets. You’ll find plenty of cheap consumer-focused laptops on […]

Lenovo X1 Carbon 2 Review

The Lenovo X1 Carbon The Lenovo X1 Carbon 2 has been the most successful and well designed notebook that we have ever seen. Lenovo has built a corporate workhorse built for speed and travel. Due to the attractive additional features it is widely usable across a broad range of industries. Currently on Display and for […]

Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 2 pro and 12.5 inch Review

Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga Review – Tablet Hybrid The Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga has bridged the gap successfully between a tablet and a notebook.       One of the biggest problems Notebooks R Us has seen with tablet and notebook hybrids is the focus on manufacturers to produce a product that successfully fulfills the functionality of […]

Microsoft Office 365 Comparison guide

Notebooksrus presents Microsoft Office 365 Comparison guide. In general, most business greater than 25 seats should not be looking at any of these products and should, instead, get a quote from US for an enterprise solution. Office licenses are not transferable so if you buy a small business premium (for example), you cannot switch it […]

Lenovo Online Shop – What are Differences ?

Notebooksrus or Lenovo Online Shop – what are differences ? Lots of customers call continually and ask what the Difference is with Lenovo online store/shop and Notebooks R Us as a Premium Business partner? Main differences: 1> You get you new purchase same day or next business day – Lenovo Online Shop is 7 days […]